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Not Your Average is a lifestyle blog dedicated to help readers in their twenties with Money, Relationships, Health and Life Advice. This blog is all about personal development, getting what you want in life and creating your own destiny. Don’t be like the majority of people.

My name is Cassie Hamilton and I am a hotel management graduate and model. I am passionate about health and nutrition, positive thinking, productivity, secrets to success, financial freedom, and my mission is to motivate people to reach their full potential!

I was inspired to create a blog as I have gone through a lot of hard times in my life, and always managed to pull through better than ever. People often ask me how I am so happy after certain events have occurred in my life. How do I stay so positive and recover with determination to keep going? I would love to share my tips and advice with the world so everyone can improve their mindset and achieve their ultimate desires.

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I have also written an e-book to help people on their journey towards weight-loss, improving their diet, implementing healthy habits into their daily routine, or simply just to feel more confident in themselves. You can read the full book description by clicking here.

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I hope you find the information in this blog inspiring and useful. If you would like to keep in touch and be the first to hear about new posts, connect with me on my social media platforms shown below ♥

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